Tim Tebow: What is Tebowing?

What is Tebowing, the Tebow pose, and the Tebow position? If you’ve just heard the word Tebowing, or the Tebow pose, and wondering what this means, you’ve come to the right place. As a mother, there is not much more important to a mom than knowing our kids will stand up for their faith and values. That is exactly how Tebowing became such a craze. Let’s back up and learn about Tim Tebow, his believes, and what is Tebowing.

What is Tebowing?

Tebowing is ‘the act of taking a knee’ in a prayerful way in the midst of some type of athletic activity. How to do the Tebow pose is very simple, and done by Christians every day. To be honest, this pose is a normal pose in our day to day life. Utilizing this pose during a nationally broadcasted football game, well, that’s what Tim Tebow does.

The term Tebowing first began early December 2010. He was photographed praying in the kneeling stance before the game. This stance is also known as a prayer stance. When he came “famous” in the pose was when he half kneeled once the Broncos came up from losing to beat the Dolphins (18-15).

Over the next few days, Tebow became the hot trending topic. Tim Tebow had just made his way into the NFL was making headliner because he was kneeling praying. What more could a mother ask for than for her son to become famous because he was praying.

Over the next weeks and months, the term Tebowing became a common household term. If someone was kneeling, he was “Tebowing.” In December 2011, “Tebowing” became an official word in the English Language, according to the Global Language Monitor.

Tim Tebow, famous for his faith and for football, began his famous playing throughout his college years for the Florida Gators. Widely known for his faith and values, he also was an amazing quarterback who let his team to many victories.

Who is Tebowing?

The beauty of taking a stand for your beliefs is that many will follow. It only takes one person to change the course of a country. Or show young people it’s all right to pray. As Tim shoes wit the Tebow, this one-act has shown others that they can also do the Tebow. People all over the country are know Tebowing, all because Tim Tebow has shown others around the country that they can take a stand also. Check out some awesome photos at Tebowing.com of people around the country who are also Tebowing in their work places and around town.


Global Languages Monitor