Horizontal Flower Arrangements

Horizontal flower arrangements are one popular type of flower design. They are not very high. The height of this type of floral design is usually half its length. Attractive horizontal flower arrangements can be made with either artificial flowers or fresh flowers. A shallow container is often used to create these floral designs.

Floral arrangement- via Wikimedia

Floral arrangement- via Wikimedia

Horizontal flower arrangements can be used as centerpieces on dining tables and they are sometimes placed on window sills, since they are low enough to beautify the area without obstructing the view. Floral centerpieces are used often at wedding receptions.

Hydrangeas, spirea, ferns, dogwood and roses are just some of the flowers which can be used in the creation of a beautiful wedding centerpiece. Lilies and exotic blooms such as red cone ginger, succulents and orchids can also be used to create beautiful horizontal flower arrangements. According to DIYweddingexpert.com, a beautiful arrangement can be made with blue hydrangeas.

Sprays of flowers are used to establish the shape of the horizontal flower arrangement. The focal flowers are placed in the center of the design. Focal flowers are also called face flowers and help to add body to the design. Flowers which are used as focal flowers usually have one flower head on top. Chrysanthemums, carnations and gerberas are good flowers to use as face flowers.

The other spaces can be filled in with foliage and filler flowers. These have clustered heads or stems with many branches. Filler flowers will round out your horizontal flower arrangement. Field flowers and dianthus are a good choice. African boxwood, tree fern and heather can also be used.

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