Pay the Bills: Tellwut You Think

If one was to search for ‘ways to make money online’ or ‘free money online’ their search results would come up with a billion ‘Get Rich Quick’ schemes, Payday Loans, and even companies claiming to make you thousands over night if you buy their list of survey companies that pay you for taking money. If their is one thing that I know very well, it’s how to make money online free. Yes, I said free! One way to make some free cash is to sign up for a site called Tellwut.

I know what you are thinking (or at least I have a pretty good idea what you might be thinking)! You might be saying to yourself “Yeah right, how much does this one cost?” Or “Okay, just another so-called ‘free’ program that isn’t really free at all, right?” I can tell you, with complete honesty and conviction, that this site is totally legit and is 100% free. How do I know? I go on Tellwut every single day and make money. Actually, it isn’t cold hard cash. You get much need gift cards to popular places such as Walmart, Home Depot, and You can even use your virtual cash (tallied up into points) to buy high priced items such as tablets and laptops.

So what exactly is Tellwut? They call themselves a ‘Survey Site,’ but they are not a typical survey site at all. It is not a site that presents you with 15-20 minutes surveys, often discouraging you because it can be time consuming and difficult to even be qualified enough to take the survey(s). Their surveys are 1-4 question quizzes that pay you for each and every quiz you take. You can also make even more money by making your own short quizzes for other members to take and profit from. In fact, that is how Tellwut is able to continuously have these surveys for their member’s to take because we make the surveys. Surveys are about anything and everything, literally! I just took a 2 question survey about laundry detergent and how I enjoyed the smell! And, as previously mentioned, you can get paid even more money by making up your own short quizzes for others to take. You get paid more than double to make these quizzes so when you join Tellwut make sure to start making your own quizzes.

A lot of people get turned off because Tellwut does not pay you with cold hard cash. Let me tell you how Tellwut’s rewards are just as good as cash, if not better! Since I have been a member of Tellwut I have received, in my home mailbox, twelve $10 Walmart gift cards. I find these gift cards to be just like cash because I do so much of my shopping at Walmart. After you accumulate 4000 worth of points you can request a $10 Walmart (among other gift card choices) gift card and it will be in your mail box in about a week. Of course, you can make more than 4000 points until you reach a higher amount of virtual money to request higher amount’s of gift card money, but I get nervous doing this. Their is always a chance that, by some wrong force of nature, that your membership can be cancelled. It is not uncommon for mistakes to happen when dealing with websites that make you free money, so I suggest cashing out your points as soon as you make your minimum $10 cash out limit. There is no shipping costs and the gift card comes in the mail soon. So, by the time you receive your gift card you will, more than likely, already accumulated enough points to cash out again!

In an economy that has left many of us living from paycheck to paycheck it is so awesome to work online for free. It is totally possible to work for free on the internet, you just have to find the right websites that allow you to do this. Tellwut is one of those websites that take a little weight off your back. In as little as two hours you can make enough points on Tellwut to request the arrival of a $10 gift card!

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