Increase Bing Search Results Traffic- How to Increase Your Traffic from Bing

Bing search results traffic can help you earn more from your website. Bing is one of the more popular search engines on the web. Although Bing is not as popular as Google, it is still a good source of Internet traffic. Together, Bing and Yahoo account for 25.77% of search engine traffic. Bing has continued to take more of the market from Google.

According to Experian, the number of U.S. based Internet surfers using Bing for searches increased by 5% in December 2010. Your content should be developed to target as many internet users as possible, whatever their search engine of choice.

Tip #1-Put Pictures in Your Articles

Images can increase your traffic from Bing and other search engines. Make sure that the pictures are aptly named. Some surfers search only for images. Your pictures should be named so that they show up when Internet surfers search for the keywords which you are targeting with your online content.

Images also work well to boost Bing search results traffic and increase your Adsense earnings with specific topics. You can significantly increase your Adsense earnings with the use of images, when you provide online content in categories such as travel and celebrity news.

Whether you are a Fullofknowledge writer who regularly writes on topics like relationships and celebrities, or articles on consumer products, you can increase both your Bing traffic and Google Adsense earnings by adding pictures to your online content. 

Tip #2- Verify Your Site with Bing

You can verify your blog or other site with Bing by logging in at and submitting your site URL to Bing. Bing takes a while to index sites, since for Bing, the age of domains is important. New content won’t rise to the top of the search engine rankings as easily with Bing, as it would with Google.

Keywords- via Wikimedia

Keywords- via Wikimedia

Tip #3- Use a Keyword Tool Developed for Bing

Using a keyword tool developed for Bing can help you find an additional keyword to target in your article or blog post. Wordstream has a keyword tool you can use. It’s free, and it was designed especially to be used to find keywords which are more applicable for Bing.

Link Out

Linking out to websites that have titles that are related to the title of your own web page can help to improve your ranking in Bing. Outbound links are even more important to Bing than Google. Doing all of these can help to boost your Bing search results traffic.


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