Can Online Ads Be Trusted?

It seems as though every webpage that exists on the Internet displays online ads to readers.   Internet users have developed blindness to online ads and the effectiveness of advertisers to lure customers via online ads has been decreasing for years.  Most online ads that are displayed on websites and blogs are paid for by legitimate businesses that genuinely desire to provide a high quality product or service to customers.  Unfortunately, most Internet users never click online ads and are missing the opportunity to experience the benefit of a product or service that may positively impact their lives.

Don’t be Afraid to Click Online Ads

The media, Internet alarmists and conspiracy theorists have led the American public to believe that clicking on any link that is found online, including legitimate online ads, will result in a computer virus infection, surveillance by the government or acquisition of personal information by identity thieves.  Indeed, great caution and care should be taken when visiting links online, particularly those that are embedded in unsolicited emails.

The reality is that modern online marketers and advertisers understand how sensitive Internet users are to the dangers of blind link clicking.  Therefore, most online ads and links contained within trusted Internet content are completely harmless and may, in fact, result in a positive experience for the Internet user.

Explore Online Ads for Bargains and Discounts

There have been numerous occasions when I have clicked on an online ad and have been pleasantly surprised by the experience.  I have found that many advertisers offer discounts and coupons to Internet users through their online ads.  I’ve received dozens of coupons and free trials by supplying my email address to trusted companies.  And no, my inbox has never been flooded with unwanted junk mail or spam.  In fact, the few emails that I receive regularly from these businesses typically inform me of special deals and bargains, which I frequently take advantage of.  The best part is, many of the offers are only available through these online ads that are displayed on trusted web pages.

Online Ads Offer Money Making Opportunities

There have been at least two instances when I explored online ads and received extremely valuable money-making information that I would have never discovered otherwise.

One was a solicitation for a juice vending franchise.  I filled out the form that was provided through the ad and about a day later I received a personal email from the president of the small business thanking me for my inquiry into his franchise opportunity.  I exchanged emails with him and learned that his small business was growing and he had a limited franchise opportunity.  Although I have not signed on to the franchise offer, I developed a rapport with a small business owner and established a networking contact with a fellow professional.

As an active blogger I am always looking for the latest information and guidance on marketing trends and SEO techniques.  I recently clicked on an online ad that briefly illustrated how online revenue could be increased by using the company’s services.  I clicked on the ad out of curiosity and discovered that the site offered dozens of free tools that I could use anytime I wanted.  I had access to studies on marketing and advertising trends and documents that helped me optimize my website revenue generating strategies.  All this was available for free through the online ad and I did not have to provide any personal information or email address.

Online Ads Offer Research Opportunities

Having written hundreds of articles on many different topics, I do not exclude any source of information when conducting research.  One technique I recently started using involves visiting online ads that will direct me to a site on the topic that I wish to research.

I’ve discovered that many online universities display tuition rates, student demographics and graduation statistics on their pages.

I once visited an ad of a popular muscle building supplement and discovered its main ingredient.  After conducting research on the muscle building compound in the supplement, I learned that a much less expensive version of the supplement was available.  I was able to compose a series of articles on the best muscle building supplements and direct readers of my blog, Muscle Headquarters, to suppliers who offered the product.  The valuable information that I obtained by clicking the online ad allowed me to write on topics that benefited my readers.

Support Freelance and Recreational Writers

The reality is that many website owners, bloggers and recreational writers depend on revenue generated from online ads to sustain their sites and to justify the time and energy spent composing and publishing online content.   Visitors to websites that are operated by and publish work of small-time freelance writers and bloggers should be encouraged to visit the online ads that are displayed on the webpages.  By clicking online ads and genuinely allowing advertisers to present their product or service results in a mutually beneficial experience for all parties.  The reader is exposed to the benefits offered by advertisers, advertisers are afforded the ability to promote their product to a willing audience and the website operator or blogger receives compensation for the ad click.

Although I encourage readers to explore the ads that are of interest on this page and on my blog, I do not advocate excessive ad clicking, click abuse or clicking just for the sake of clicking.  Such practices are unethical and will get a publisher’s ad account cancelled and revenues forfeited in a heartbeat.

Instead, I suggest that when visiting blogs and webpages of freelance writers, recreational authors and bloggers, throw them a bone and explore the advertisers’ offers by clicking on a few ads and giving the advertisers an opportunity to present their product or service.

Rather than fearing online ads and perceiving them as annoying, capture the opportunity to obtain discounts, earn money, conduct research or support amateur writers and bloggers.

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