Pros and Cons of Log Cabin Kits

Image - Wikimedia Commons CCA Share Alike 2.0 by P Flannagan

Image – Wikimedia Commons CCA Share Alike 2.0 by P Flannagan

When choosing if you are going to buy a log cabin kit to live in, you must look at the good and the bad points of this important decision. Though the main concern is going to be the price of the project all together, other choices like hiring a home builder or buying a house that is already built should be considered. Other things to look at include where the log cabin is going to be built, and how long it will take to get it built. We will examine the pros and cons of choosing to build a log cabin kit, while taking these things into consideration.

While it is true that log cabin kits are a common choice for many people trying to build a house on a budget, the fact that the price of the kit does not always include everything it takes to make it a habitable structure. Most log cabin kits only come with the outer walls, and a roof. Things like stairs and second floor foundation usually come with the 2 story log cabin kits. This means all the extras like inner walls, electrical, and plumbing still need to be installed. The fact that most kits do not come with a foundation makes the design up to you. You can use a concrete slab foundation, a blocked up wooden foundation (which you can buy separately), or a pier and beam foundation that will never mess up or need to be leveled. For home builders, it makes bidding on the job quite a bit easier, and it also makes it possible for any family to build their own house without having to hire a home builder. Things like plumbing and electrical should be left to the professionals, but you can get by with running the water lines without a plumbing license in most states which a day of work will save you about a thousand dollars and prove to be a rewarding experience. If you buy a house that is already put together, then you have to consider the costs of needed repairs, and repairs that will be needed in the near future.

When deciding where to build your log cabin kit, you should also consider the cost of transporting the kit to the location. When these kits are delivered, it is on the back of an eighteen wheeler, and they drop it all of at the same time. If you need to find a place fast and for a good price, a good place to look is at the county tax office, for the list of county owned properties. The list usually costs about a dollar, and there is a lot of properties available. Once you locate the property with maps from the county appraiser building, you can go out to look at the property, and decide of you want to buy it. If you want to buy it, then you go to the county lawyer’s office, and pay the taxes and fees on the property, and the deed is printed up and handed over immediately. It is not uncommon to buy acre lots in nice subdivisions for just a few hundred dollars that make a nice site for putting up your log cabin kit.

The last thing to consider is how long it will take to build your log cabin kit, and how much time you actually have. The main thing that will speed up the process is the amount of money you have, and how well you plan out the steps of the project. Now you have a basic working knowledge of the good and bad things about building a log cabin kit, and even have a few ways to save a lot of money by doing some of the work by yourself, and locating a property at a great price. I hope you make the right decisions when deciding to build your log cabin kit. Someone could even build these kits asd a home builder and make a lot of money for relatively little work.

Previously published on Helium on April 27, 2011