How to Keep Your Shower Curtain from Billowing In and Out

Shower Curtain - Morguefile - Cropped Image by Phaewilk

Shower Curtain – Morguefile – Cropped Image by Phaewilk

You’re minding your own business, enjoying a nice hot shower then all of a sudden…you’re enveloped in the grip of a plastic shower curtain. Ugh! Your tranquil moment is gone while you spend the remainder of your shower time fighting with the shower curtain as it billows in and out on its own accord. Put a stop to the wrestling match and keep the shower curtain from billowing in and out with this simple trick.

Sinkers or Washers

Fishing sinkers or heavy metal washers are the solution to the billowing shower curtain problem. Use large safety pins and pin medium-size fishing sinkers or heavy metal washers every 6 inches across the bottom of the shower curtain. This will weigh down the plastic curtain enough to hold it in place while showering. The sinkers or washers can be sewn into place, but using safety pins make for easy removal when it’s time to toss the plastic shower curtain in the washing machine for a cleaning.

Longer Curtain

The plastic liner or curtain should be hanging at least 4 inches down inside the tub, if not it will be prone to billowing and getting the bathroom floor wet. Lower the curtain rod or invest in a longer curtain to help keep the floor dry and the curtain in place.