How to Add Privacy to Windows Without Blocking the View

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A beautiful view is an asset in any room, and it is highly desirable, but sometimes the view can be disrupted by the need for privacy. Some window treatments provide plenty of privacy, but they can completely block the view in unacceptable ways. Others are nothing more than adornments that frame the windows, and they do not provide privacy necessary to feel safe and secure. Consider the following ways to add privacy to windows without blocking the view, and enjoy the best of both worlds. You really can have it all.

Opt for Bamboo Roman Shades with Light-Filtering Privacy Liners

Eco-friendly bamboo Roman-style shades are one of the best choices when searching for ways to add privacy to windows without completely blocking the view. They can be easily raised and lowered as desired to create an unobstructed view of the outdoors during daylight hours. Privacy liners can be added to completely block the view from the outside during nighttime hours when the lights are on indoors. The liners are essential when direct sunlight shines through the windows. They sufficiently block out the harmful rays of the sun, and they conform to the folds of the bamboo as they are raised and lowered. They also give the windows a neutral appearance when viewed from the street. Although they are typically more expensive than other types of privacy shades or blinds, they add a touch of natural beauty to the home without effecting the environment since they are made from sustainable natural resources.

Select Silk Panels and Stylish Holdbacks

Silk panels provide a rich and exquisite appearance, and they are an excellent choice when looking for ways to add privacy to windows without blocking the view. Silk is incredibly smooth, and it flows gracefully like water. Panels that add privacy to windows at night can be elegantly held open during the daytime to promote a beautiful view of the outdoors.

Select silk panels twelve to eighteen inches longer than necessary to create a puddle of liquid fabric on the floor. In addition, choose stylish coordinating holdbacks made of wrought iron or metal and glass or eye-catching crystal to enhance their appearance in a practical way. When a room with a view is desired, open the panels and secure the fabric using the holdbacks. Simply close the panels when privacy is required. Silk panels are available in all price ranges, sizes, and colors. They can make any room appear exceptionally stylish without blocking a gorgeous view, no matter the location.

Consider Vertical Blinds that Can Be Opened Three Ways

Horizontal blinds are a good choice, but vertical blinds are even better. They add a tremendous amount of privacy when required, but they do not sacrifice style. Many colors and textures are available in the most popular lengths and widths, but they can be trimmed or special ordered. Best of all they can be opened three ways. They can be moved along a rail to completely expose the windows and provide a fantastic unobstructed view, or they can be slanted right or left to keep out the harmful rays of the sun. This is a great way to add privacy to windows of all sizes without sacrificing the view.

One-Way Window Film for Daytime Privacy

Complete privacy during daylight hours can be achieved without blocking the view of the outdoors. One-way window film is the answer. On the outside, the windows become mirrors that have a unique reflective quality. They work to add total privacy without blocking the view of the outdoors since those outdoors cannot see inside. At night this type of window film does not add privacy, but it can be used with the aforementioned methods of embellishing windows. When used in conjunction, these ways to add privacy to windows without blocking the view are stylish and practical.

Frosted or Stained Glass Film for Partial Use and Privacy

Another one of the best ways to add privacy to windows without blocking the view is with high-quality frosted or stained glass window film designed especially for windows. It can be applied to lower areas of windows where passersby are able to look inside. Upper areas can be left unobstructed to provide a clear view of the outdoors. Frosted film and stained glass film can be found in many different styles, colors, and sizes, and it can be trimmed to fit windows of virtually any size. Shop online to see the widest variety of choices when looking for ways to add privacy to windows without blocking the view. Frosted and stained glass film for windows can also be found in many home improvement stores, and it might be the answer when looking for ways to add privacy while preserving the view.

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