A Guide to Haunted Places in Decatur, Alabama

If you are into ghosts, apparitions and general paranormal activity, then you should consider looking into the history of Decatur, Alabama. When thinking about haunted places in Decatur, Alabama, I can think of two that are fairly well known. First, there is Crybaby Hollow, which is believed to be haunted by the spirit of a crying baby. Then there is Decatur High School, which is said to be haunted by many ghosts and there have even been reports of foot step sounds. A quick Google search will give you all information you could imagine about these spots, but here is the basic breakdown of what happens at these popular Decatur, Alabama haunted locations.

If you go down Entrikin Road to the stop sign, and then take a left down the gravel road, you will come to a bridge. Just before the bridge is an old road that looks like a trail by now. Down that road is old bridge that has been retired long ago. This bridge is haunted. The story behind this haunted bridge is that a lady had wrecked her car and flew off the side of the bridge, killing her and her baby. If you go there late at night, you will probably hear the baby crying. Many people park their car on the bridge and put it in neutral, and it will rock back and forth while the baby is crying. Others have reported things like hand prints on their cars, and missing candy bars, too.

Decatur High School on North McDonough Street, in Decatur, Alabama, is said to be haunted by ghosts that people have actually seen. Reports of moving white apparitions have been turned in, and seen by many people at that school. There are also reports of footstep sounds coming from hallways that are deserted and no longer used. Both of these types of incidents have been reported by students and teachers alike. Like Crybaby Hollow, Decatur High School should be on your “must see” list of places in Decatur, if you are into this whole type of thing.

The haunted spots mentioned here are only the famous ones that have been talked about by many different people. With ‘hot spots’ like this, there is surely many more that are not as popular. Those who are freaked out by spirits, ghosts, and other paranormal activity are advised to stay away from bridges down long dark roads late at night, and to find a different high school to go to if they live in Decatur, Alabama.

Previously published on Helium on April 27, 2011