Treatment for Swollen Glands Under Jaw – Swollen Lymph Nodes and Jaw Pain

Teas are a common herbal treatment for swollen glands under jaw or swollen lymph nodes and jaw pain. People who are fighting an infection and have swollen lymph nodes in some part of their body as a result, usually benefit by taking action to strengthen their immune system.

Lymph Nodes

Lymph Nodes

Lymph nodes-  Image via Wikimedia

The remedy described in this article will work for people who have jaw pain and swollen lymph nodes associated with tonsillitis or sinusitis. Jaw pain can also be caused by mumps or other conditions or even follow a tooth extraction. Your doctor is the only one who can accurately diagnose your illness.

Rest helps because stress weakens the body. Doctors will usually recommend that people who are suffering from swollen lymph nodes and jaw pain get enough sleep at night. However for people who are trying to meet a deadline, students who are preparing for exams, busy mothers and fathers, this might be difficult.

You should try to get a little more rest than usual if your body is not fighting off an infection as well as it normally would. You can also adjust your diet to have more of the foods that can help your immune system do what it was designed to do.

Teas containing herbs such as Echinacea, goldenseal and burdock root help the immune system to function well. They boost your body’s natural defense mechanism and they are relatively easy to obtain. By adding dried Echinacea, goldenseal or burdock root to hot water and allowing it to steep for a few minutes, you can prepare a tea that helps to reduce swelling in the lymph glands. Don’t sweeten the tea. It tastes bad but it works better without the extra sugar.

If you cannot get these dried herbs in your neighborhood, they can be obtained easily online. The capsules are usually easy to get as well, in pharmacies and in health food stores. You can open a capsule of Echinacea and goldenseal and add the contents to hot water to make a tea. Take this tea around three times daily to boost your immune system. The recommended dosage for each of these herbs is usually available on the label and you should follow the recommendations to achieve the best results. Don’t exceed the recommended dosage.

Also increase the amount of fruits and vegetables that you are eating, so that you at least get the recommended daily dose of food in each category. Carrots, tomatoes, whole grains etc all supply vitamins and other nutrients that can help us to fight infections.

This article was previously published on Healthmad on Mar. 27, 2013.

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