How to Make Sugar Coated Chinese Buffet Biscuits

Photo by: Jessica Merz - jessicafm

Photo by: Jessica Merz – jessicafm

Chinese buffet restaurants offer many of the same dishes, and some of the most popular choices that seem to never vary are the ever popular sugar coated biscuits. They are golden brown and crisp on the outside, and they are slightly sweet and soft on the inside. These delectable buffet delights are always coated with granulated sugar, and although they taste more like dessert, they are served hot along with other hot Chinese buffet fare. You can enjoy sugar coated Chinese buffet biscuits at home. They are very easy to make, and they turn out exactly like the biscuits found on most Chinese restaurant buffet serving tables. Try these and a couple of alternate versions, and enjoy sugar coated Chinese buffet biscuits anytime you want a quick and easy treat.

Necessary Supplies

Sugar coated biscuits found on a typical Chinese buffet are also sometimes referred to as Chinese donuts. This is because they are deep fried using the same method of preparation as donuts, but unlike donuts they are incredibly easy to make. All that is required to make sugar coated Chinese buffet biscuits is biscuit dough, a deep fryer filled with oil, and granulated white sugar. It is not necessary to spend a lot of time preparing homemade biscuits to make these sugar coated Chinese buffet gems. Simply purchase cheap cans of refrigerated biscuits in the dairy aisle of the local grocery store.


Begin by heating fresh oil in a deep fryer, and have a slotted metal spoon ready to use along with plates lined with plenty of paper towels to drain away the excess oil. In addition, have a bowl of granulated sugar ready to coat the warm fried biscuits.

Drop one or two raw biscuits in the hot oil when it becomes hot enough for deep frying. Turn them while frying, and watch them carefully to avoid frying them too long. Once both sides are golden brown, remove the Chinese buffet biscuits, and drain them on paper towels for a few minutes. If necessary, gently pat away the oil on the opposite side.

While the golden brown Chinese buffet biscuits are still warm, roll them in the granulated white sugar. Place them on an attractive platter, and serve them immediately. They will taste just as good as or better than the sugar coated biscuits served at the local Chinese buffet.

Alternate Options

Do you like cinnamon? Instead of making sugar coated biscuits exactly like those found at the Chinese buffet, add cinnamon to the mixture. Combine one part cinnamon with three parts sugar, and prepare Chinese buffet biscuits as instructed above. Anyone that loves the flavor of cinnamon will love these tasty sugar coated treats.

Filled donuts are extra tasty, and these easy sugar coated biscuits like those found on a Chinese buffet can be turned into mini filled sugar coated donuts. Simply inject the finished sugar coated treats with jam, pie filling, or icing. This can be accomplished with a syringe commonly used to administer medication to small children and injecting the centers with a small amount of filling. No one will believe these tasty filled donuts did not come from a bakery.

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