How to Remove Cigarette Smoke Odor from Leather Jacket


Vintage leather jackets are in high demand. However, most vintage items, including leather clothing, has been exposed to cigarette smoke. Times were different back in the ‘vintage’ days and most of the population smoked, so a desirable vintage leather jacket found in a thrift store, yard sale or online is probably going to reek of stale cigarette smoke. But don’t pass up the deal on the jacket of your dreams because of the smell, remove the cigarette smoke odor from the leather jacket with these tips.


Vinegar is one of the best disinfecting odor removers and it’s safe to use on leather. Soak a clean cloth with white vinegar and wring the excess out. Wipe down all the leather, inside and out, on the jacket. Re-wet the cloth if needed and be sure to wipe every inch of leather with the vinegar.

Fabric Lining

If the jacket has a fabric lining, spray it with fabric deodorizing spray or air sanitizing spray. Turn the jacket inside out and spray the inside of sleeves of they are lined also.

Hang Outside

Turn the leather back to right side out and hang on a wooden hanger in a protected outdoor location so it can air out. A covered porch will protect the leather from the elements while allowing air to circulate around the fabric and finish removing the stale cigarette smoke. The vintage leather jacket may need to hang outside for a month before all of the cigarette smoke odor is gone, give it a smell check every few days to determine when it’s ready to be brought inside and worn.

Musty Smell

These deodorizing tips will work to remove the musty smell vintage jackets often have too (with or without the smoke odor).


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