Can a Zombie Apocalypse Really Happen?

28 Days Later. The Walking Dead. Night of the Living Dead. There are a plethora of zombie movies and television shows that everyone seems to love. In fact, the idea of a zombie apocalypse has become so popular that companies are selling zombie survival kits and handbooks. It is a huge market and it seems like everyone is getting involved these days.

But can a zombie apocalypse really happen? There seem to be some mixed feelings about whether or not it could. On one hand, many people claim that secret government experiments are being carried out in secret bases all across the United States, working on biological weapons and diseases that can be used against the country’s enemies. The idea that an accident could occur in which this supposed virus (sometimes called the T-Virus) escapes from the government lab and wreaks havoc on the population of the world is very common. Scientists, on the other hand, claim otherwise. They say there is no T-Virus and even if there were, it would not have the capability to reanimated the dead.

Practitioners of Voodoo, however, say that zombies do indeed exist, but not in the way that we are used to seeing on the big screen. Through the use of chemicals and drugs, Voodoo practitioners say they can make a person appear in a zombie-like state. The drugs, apparently, affect the motor skills and the brain in such a way that the person can no longer think for themselves and become, in a sense, merely automatons that carry out the wishes of their voodoo masters. Frankly, this sounds more farfetched to me than a government experiment gone awry.

The Centers for Disease Control, the United States Government organization tasked with controlling disease outbreaks across the country, has added a special webpage set up on their official government website, in which they espouse the necessities of preparing for a zombie war.

One thing is certain. With so many movies and television shows teaching us what to do in case of a zombie outbreak, we stand a pretty good chance of being able to survive. After all, you can believe everything you see on TV, right?

Source: I watch a lot of zombie movies and television series, and even read quite a few zombie related books on my Kindle.