Good Listening Is the Secret of Success

Image: Courtesy MorgueFile by puravida

Image: Courtesy MorgueFile by puravida

Listening is like the eye of the mind. It is the window and door through which the light of knowledge pours into a person. Develop the skills of listening. It is the path of success.

Listening is an art. It’s learned through constant practice. Great people have been good listeners. Mr. B.S. Warrier, an eminent Student Development and Career Guru from India, has written in the leading Indian daily “The Hindu” about the importance of listening.

Here are ten benefits of good listening skills which reveal the importance of listening:

1) Listening, as stated above, is the channel of knowledge. It is the base of enhancing your information or knowledge. By listening, you learn many things. It activates your senses to grasp information.

2) By listening to others your knowledge is widened. You come to know why they think and the way you think. This understanding helps you approach people in the right manner.

3) If you listen to a person with your attention focused, it will prompt the speaker to continue his speech and share more knowledge with you. You can gain the best from him.

4) Good listening helps you enrich social interaction. If you want to develop good personal relations, you have to be a good listener. It builds up relationships in your social as well as professional spheres and leads you to the peak of your career.

5) Listening is your silent encouragement to others. It builds up their confidence in you and makes them also listen to you. Will it not strengthen your communication and relationship?

6) Listening makes you appreciate the priorities, anxieties and problems of others. A good listener develops credibility and is always trusted more than others. People cannot trust those who have indifferent attitudes during conversations.

7) Listening is a supportive activity which people always appreciate. It has mutual benefits: benefits to the speaker and to the listener. It makes you an empathetic listener with whom people share their joys and sorrows. By listening to them, you share their burdens and win their confidence.

If you want to be a good listener you have to cast away your prejudices and be honest in your behavior. Good listening is the trait of successful people. It is the easiest way of reducing stress and depression.

Mary Southerland, the Stress-Buster and a leading Women’s Ministry Motivator, says, “Stress comes when we allow the many voices in life to drown out the only voice that really matters – the voice of God.”

In another instance, she attributes listening as the greatest quality of God. She says, “God is the best listener; because you need not shout nor cry out loud to catch His attention. He hears even the silent prayer that you say in your heart with all sincerity”.