How to Make Easy Scented Soap Balls

Photo by: niXerKG

Photo by: niXerKG

Making homemade soap is an enjoyable hobby, but it can be a time-consuming and costly endeavor. Visit any craft store for supplies and you will discover that it is not a cheap craft and not the ideal solution when striving to save money. Blocks of glycerin, molds, and other supplies can be very expensive. However, it is very rewarding to make homemade scented soaps, especially to give as gifts to family and friends, and pricey craft store supplies are not required. Homemade soaps can be crafted using ordinary bars of old-fashioned Ivory. The following easy homemade scented soap balls are very cheap and easy to make, and they can be turned into more than just decorative scented bathroom accessories.

Necessary Supplies

To make approximately six homemade scented balls of decorative soap you will need a handheld cheese grater, six standard size bars of Ivory, fragrant oil, and lukewarm water. Some people recommend using a food processor when grating the soap. It makes the grating process faster, but removing it from the crevices and rinsing it away is time-consuming and difficult. Chances are the next food processed will end up tasting like Ivory soap. You will also need a large mixing bowl and waxed paper or a plastic cutting board.


Begin by grating all of the Ivory soap into large shreds using a standard handheld grater. Place it in a bowl, and after all of it is grated, add a small amount of slightly warm water. With bare hands, blend the Ivory slivers with the water. This homemade mixture should have a pliable consistency. If it is too stiff, gradually add more water. If too much water has been added, drain it away in a colander or on absorbent paper towels. Additional Ivory slivers can be mixed in if necessary.

Lastly, add the fragrance. Scented oil especially for decorative homemade soaps can be found online or in craft stores that sell the necessary supplies. Add several drops of scented oil according to personal preference. Scents for homemade soaps are available in countless varieties, and a little goes a long way.

Once the slivers have been well-blended with the water and scented oil, form the homemade mixture into balls. They can be made to look like icy snowballs, mounds of coconut, or they can be smoothed to form perfect spheres. Place them on a plastic cutting board or a sheet of waxed paper for drying.

Alternate Ideas Using Bars of Ivory Soap

Make homemade soap-on-a-rope by inserting a soft braided rope in the center of the soap balls. Homemade soap balls complete with ropes for hanging are ideal for shower use, and kids absolutely love them. Best of all, they float in the bathtub just like bars of Ivory soap.

Do you want to add color to ordinary homemade soap balls and other handcrafted shapes? Buy colorant along with the fragrant oil, and add it according to personal preference. Colors can be mixed to create every shade of the rainbow when creating homemade soap balls and cleverly crafted shapes.

How about making homemade soap balls with bathtub toys inside? They make fun and affordable homemade gifts for kids, and they are perfect for all occasions. Simply form the homemade balls of soap around small waterproof toys. When the soap balls are used up, the toys will magically appear. These fun homemade gifts will keep on giving long after the Ivory soap is gone.

When coming up with ideas for Ivory soap shapes other than balls, consider making snowmen, Halloween ghosts, or hearts. This homemade soap can also be rolled out and cut with metal cookie cutters to make every shape imaginable. When making homemade soap using the aforementioned methods, the possibilities are truly limitless.

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