Introducing our Newest Site:

It brings me great pleasure to announce the arrival of PostAnyArticle. After listening to our users, we have decided to give them the best of both worlds. Easy post creation interface, flat rate percentage of pay, and a much simpler layout, altogether. At PostAnyArticle, there will be no editors to answer to, and there will be no approval time frames to worry about. Moderators will ensure that user posts that violate our advertiser terms will simply be deleted, and repeated infractions could force us to take administrative action on your account. Most likely, your account will be deleted without warning. As usual, plagiarism like on ExpertsPages and FullofKnowledge will not be tolerated. This activity will also result in administrative action, most likely, termination of your account.

Writers will make 70% of total site revenues over there, no matter their activity level, and there is not going to be a minimum payment threshold for any articles on PostAnyArticle. As always, republished work is accepted as long as your username is the same as the original submission. With a 100-word minimum post length, you can whoop out a post in about 5 minutes over there, too.

Okay, the doors are open, and there is still 3 hours left in this month… so let’s get some posts up over there, and some revenue generated. As usual, I (the administrator) am the only person in the universe who is not allowed to click any ads. As users of the site, they are there to enhance your experience.

See you there!