Greenies Dog Treats Recall- Review of the Issue

The Greenies Dog Treats recall had many pet people worried about the effect of giving these foods to their dogs. Greenies dog treats are shaped like a toothbrush. These dog biscuits are good for a dog’s dental health and reduce the risk of a dog developing gum disease.

Dogs, like humans, can suffer damage to their kidneys, liver and heart as a result of gum disease. Most dogs on Greenies dog treats have a marked improvement in their whole-mouth calculus index score after using Greenies for a period of time.

Teeth- Via Wikimedia

Teeth- Via Wikimedia

Greenies dog biscuits help to control bacteria in a dog’s mouth. These dog treats help to keep a dog’s breath smelling fresh, improve gum health and keep tartar to a low level.

Greenies have been the subject of a fair amount of controversy, after pet owners realized that some dogs were having problems digesting the biscuits. When Greenies are broken up and added to water, the pieces of dog biscuit swell and resemble a heap of foam rubber.

Dogs have had to undergo surgery to remove intestinal obstructions after consuming teeth-cleaning biscuits, such as Greenies. Teeth-cleaning dog biscuits offer an alternative to traditional teeth-cleaning, which is costly and not a safe option for some dogs.

Usually, the only way to clean a dog’s teeth fully, with a proper scaling and polishing of the teeth, is by having the dog sedated. Putting some dogs under anesthesia is risky. Older dogs and dogs with various health problems, such as kidney problems, can die while under anesthesia.

The company that makes Greenies says that the dog treats are 85% digestible when they are chewed properly. The company recommends that Greenies not be fed to puppies under six months old, or to dogs which tend to gulp their treats. Dogs should always be monitored when given treats, to ensure that they chew them properly.

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