Do Meerkats Make Good Pets?


Three_meerkats by hotblack-Images

Three_meerkats by hotblack-Images

A few years ago most people had never heard of a meerkat.  Some people knew the name but did not have a clue of what they were.  After the meerkat was on T.V. they became popular and familiar to many people.  There are people that keep the exotic meerkat as a pet.

Many people keep dogs and cats as pets and they have been domesticated for thousands of years.  Many people that have them as pets do not know what they are doing and get themselves into trouble.

Meerkats are adorable little creatures and they are so likeable many people want one for a pet.  Other people want one for a pet because they are unusual.  The problem is Meerkats do not make good pets for everyone.

Meerkats have not been bred for thousands of years to be tame and friendly.  Meerkats in the wild are very territorial and aggressive because they need these traits to survive.  Meerkats kept as pets will regard their owner as part of their family.  Meerkats have very sharp teeth and claws and they will use them on any strangers that come around.  The meerkat will feel they are a threat.

Meerkats are very friendly to their family and they want to be with them all of the time.  If you are gone a lot the meerkat is not the pet for you.  A meerkat can not be left alone or they will get stressed.

Keeping a meerkat as a pet is a full time job.  You will have to train your meerkat.  You will have to learn how to discipline him when he does something wrong in a way he will understand.  You can not just tell him “no” like you would a dog.

You will also need to find a veterinarian that can treat your meerkat.  You will need to get a supply of food for your meerkat that is available all of the time.  You will need to find out if Meerkats are legal for you to have as a pet where you live.

Meerkats can make a great pet for the right person.  It takes a lot of time and commitment to keep a wild animal as a pet.  There are places where you can purchase your baby meerkat.

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