Bobcats of the Southwest Desert


Bobcats by adasloan-Images

Bobcats by adasloan-Images

The bobcat is not a large wild cat weighing between 15 and 30 pounds.  They resemble a domestic cat except they are larger.  The desert bobcat has a coat that is white, black, brown and orange.  Bobcats are much smaller than most mountain lions but people still confuse them with each other.

You can find bobcats anywhere but the southwestern desert has more of them.  They like this area the best because it is a bushy and rocky. When it is hot the bushes provide the bobcat with shade and all the rocks are great hiding places.

The bobcat usually hunts rabbits, squirrels, mice, gophers, rats and sometimes they eat fish.  They are great hunters and have no problem catching their prey.

If a bobcat is hungry and there is none of their usual prey available they will attack large prey such as deer.  The bobcat will not go for large prey unless it is the last resort.

Bobcats have their own territory and they stay by themselves.  They will only share their territory with a female bobcat.

Bobcats became scarce because people were killing them but now they are protected in many areas.

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